Zane Schweitzer

Disciplines: Men’s SUP Surfing, SUP Technical Race and Distance Race

Age: 23

Nation: Hawaii

Titles: ISA SUP Surfing Gold Medal 2016, The 2016 Ultimate Waterman, 3x Master of the Ocean, Tahiti Pro Champion of the Stand Up World Tour
About: I am 23 years old and from Maui, Hawaii. I'm an ocean enthusiast, professional athlete, and certified water sports instructor. 

I follow over 30 events a year, including the Stand Up World Tour and the Stand Up World Series, travelling and competing up to 10 months out of the year. 

I teach all levels of surfing, SUP, and windsurfing and love to promote the sports I'm passionate about and share the joy they can bring to you with clinics all around the world.

I take pride in my philanthropic work and nonprofits I've helped to start.  I'm the co-founder of StandUp For The Cure, where we have raised just under $1 million for uninsured breast cancer patients and have helped to potentially save the lives of over 20 people since 2012 (our first event) with our on-site screening! 

I consider myself a philosopher and ambassador for the environment.