What we can offer

As a volunteer under COPENCOLD HAWAII you will be a part of an ambitious, challenging, fun and exciting project. This is where urban meets the city and elite meets grassroots- in places where diversity lives, and the joy of making things happen together, matters. We will do our best to establish and create some rewarding and interesting days for you, as a volunteer.



We have the following volunteer packages

Volunteer: One shift (4-6 hours per shift)
 1: Food and water throughout the shift.
2: The official COPENCOLD HAWAII t-shirt.
3: Access to our COPENCOLD HAWAII volunteer lounge.
4: Access to the official COPENCOLD HAWAII WC-parties both in Copenhagen
   and Vorupør.

Volunteer plus: Three shifts and more (4-6 hours per shift)
1: Food and water throughout the shift.
2: The official COPENCOLD HAWAII t-shirt.
3: Access to our COPENCOLD HAWAII volunteer lounge.
4: Access to the official COPENCOLD HAWAII WC-parties both in
    Copenhagen and Vorupør.
5: Two drink tickets

Super volunteer: Minimum seven shifts (4-6 hours per shift)
1: Food and water throughout the shift.
2: The official COPENCOLD HAWAII t-shirt.
3: Access to our COPENCOLD HAWAII volunteer lounge.
4: Access to the official COPENCOLD HAWAII WC(World Championship)-parties
    both in Copenhagen and Vorupør.
5: Five drink tickets
6: Transportation from your residence to the event, and back.
7: Free accommodation (If you come from abroad)

 You can choose to make the shifts double. In that way, it will be distributed over less days.   

1: Take responsibility for your assignments, and show up for your given shifts.
2: That you are accommodating and contribute to the positive atmosphere
3: Give it all you can to the parties (Assuming you’re old enough) ;)

1: Today you will receive an email with a link to the work schedule. Here you have
    to create a profile and afterwards, you are able to take shifts.
2: On august 15th you will receive an email with the timetable of the shifts,
   and the rest of the information that you will need.



Volunteer areas

We have multiple areas that needs to be covered by volunteers. Most of the assignments does not require any particular competences. This means, that you can sign up for areas that you have no knowledge of, and still be a productive team player.
We will make sure that you are well informed and prepared- and soon an expert within your area.


Team water


  • Execution of the competition: Assist ISA with the different competitions on water.
    This can include update of the athletes, make sure that everyone comply with the given
    set of rules, coordinating competitors on water and review the results given by the judges.
  • Safety and first aid: Assist the professional first aid team with e.g. supplies, safety plan,
    and a general maintaining of the high level of security.
  • Anti doping: Assist Anti Doping Denmark with control of the athletes.

Team land

  • Safety and first aid-help: Assist first aid-help area and make sure that the area is
    provided and clear for injured people.
  • Setup and removal: Assist with setup and removal of the event site, including tents,
    mobile trucks, decoration and equipment on the residence on the location.
  • Exhibition and sponsors: coordinating of the stands and assist the exhibiting sponsors with
    i.g sponsor-kit, on the event site and control that it appears nicely and orderly.
  • Meals and stay: Coordinate the meals for all the volunteers and staff and make sure
    that the residence for the volunteers and staff are orderly.
  • Registration of athletes: Assist ISA (International Surfing Association) with registration
    of athletes and packing along with delivering of miscellaneous athlete-materials.
  • Official ceremonies: Coordinate and execution of the opening ceremony (Copenhagen)
    and the closing ceremony (Vorupør). And the different award prices.
  • Sound and power: Execution of the several ceremonies and commentator.
    Assistance related to setup and ongoing maintenance of the power.
  • Site events: Coordinating and execution of several site events on both locations.
    (related to i.g the parties and other night activities)

Team logistic

  • Ongoing cleaning: Make sure that the event site is orderly according to the renovation plan.
  • Athlete transportation: Coordination of the shared athlete transportation from
    Copenhagen to Vorupør.
  • Freight of equipment: Coordinating of the athletes boards between the two venues,
    and from Copenhagen airport to the event site in Copenhagen.
  • Local transport: Coordinating and execution of the local transport, such as shuttle
    and party busses. 
  • Parking: Coordinating and execution of parking for the athletes og spectators related
    to the event.
  • IT: Supervision and ongoing assistance with IT-facilities such as network (Internet) and printers.

Team host

  • Host for ISA: Assist ISA Assist ISA (International Surfing Association) with their stay in
    Copenhagen and Vorupør and make sure that they get a good impression of the host city.
    Be constantly helpful with current questions about danish circumstances and culture.
  • Host for the spectators: Be present on the event site and help the spectators with questions.
    Make sure that the spectators always have the possibility to get help and get a good
    xperience of the event.
  • Host for the athletes: Get assigned a team and become a local guide for either Copenhagen or Vorupør. Make sure that the team get a pleasant stay og has a person that can help them with smaller assignment during their stay.

Are you already an expert?

If you are an expert or have experience within one or more of the mentioned areas, it would be preferable if you choose the matching volunteer area. If you have experience within the area you have chosen, please inform us, under “comments”. This could be, IT, transport, first aid, water security or other handcraft that could be helpful.



Questions and answers

Q: Where do I find the registration form?
A: The registration form will appear when you press the ‘become a volunteer’- button.

Q: Do I need to have any special competences/experiences to become a volunteer?
A: No.

Q: If I have some specific competences that is useful in terms of contributing to the event, what do I have to do?
A: You inform us, under “comments” on the registration form.

Q: Can I choose freely in which area I would like to work?
A: Yes, on the registration form you have to comment on which areas you would like to volunteer within. Hereafter you
     will be assigned one or several of the areas you have wished for.

Q: I would just like to be a volunteer without any specific work area. Is that possible?
A: Yes, you just registrate without wishing for any specific area, and then we will assign you with various exciting tasks on the
     days you can work.

Q:  Can I choose to be a volunteer in either Copenhagen or Vorupør?
A: Yes, you do that in the registration form.

Q: How old do I have to be, to become a volunteer?
A: Minimum 12 years. The alternative is going with an adult (Over 18 years). If you are under 18 years old, you have to have an
     approval from a parent/guardian, that has to sign a voluntary statement for your participation. This requires that the
     given person is authorized to do so.

Q: I would like to work with friends or family. Is that possible?
A: Yes. In the registration form it is possible to write the names on the persons you would like to work with. This requires that
    the given persons also sign up as a volunteer.

Q: I would like to be a volunteer, but I live far away. Is it possible to for me to be accommodated somewhere?
A: Yes, you will get free accommodation if you come from abroad and would like to be volunteer.

Q: Is it possible for me to choose when my work days is?
A: Yes, when you registrate you have to answer which days you can work and how many shifts you would (Max) like to take (Minimum 1  shift of 6 hours) When the work plan has been settled for the areas you have chosen, you can sign up on the shifts you would like to      take.

Q: I have signed up for volunteering, but I have been prevented to show up for my shift(s). What should I do?
A: If you are prevented to work as a volunteer, you have to write an email to the area (look below) where you have registered
    yourself as a volunteer:



Jon Frej Siegstad: siegstad@gmail.com


Jan Werenberg: havbo42@gmail.com

If you have further questions, you are more than welcome to contact:

Volunteer responsible in Copenhagen:

Jon Frej Siegstad


Volunteer responsible inVorupør:

Jan Werenberg