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Cold Hawaii

Copenhagen Harbour

The racing competitions are held in Copenhagen's inner harbour. Whereas Copenhagen harbour was previously primarily a commercial port, it is today also an arena for various recreational uses. Locating the COPENCOLD HAWAII racing competitions in the centre of Copenhagen provides outstanding opportunities for both the athletes and the audience.


Distance Race

Distance Race is the marathon distance of elite SUP. Women and men compete in separate races. In Denmark, the route will start at the Opera House across from Amalienborg (the Queen’s Palace). From there, the athletes paddle to the Little Mermaid, where they turn and paddle back. Four rounds or 20 km in total will be completed.


Sprint Race

Sprint is a 200 meter SUP race, in a straight line, at the highest possible paddling speed. Women and men compete in separate races. The “track” will be located right in front of the venue in Copenhagen which will make it easy to follow the races.



Technical race || SUP surfing || Relay




Vorupør Cold Hawaii

The SUP technical race, relay, and wave competitions will be held in Vorupør in Cold Hawaii. Vorupør is a small fishing village 25 km west of Thisted and 14 km south of Klitmøller. The city is known as one of the main Cold Hawaii spots. With the location of COPENCOLD HAWAII wave, technical race, and relay competitions on the beach in Vorupør, the versatility along the Danish coasts will be made clear to the rest of the world.


Technical Race

The Technical Race is also called surf-slalom. Typically, the competitors start on the beach (beach start). From here, carrying the board and paddle in their hands, they race to the shore, where they jump on board and paddle out through the surf. The race takes place on an m-shaped course marked with buoys, through which the athletes paddle several times. The athletes end up on the beach, where they run up the beach to cross the finish line. The technical race is an elimination race. The best end up in the final.


SUP Surfing

SUP Surfing is similar to surfing in the traditional sense. The athletes compete man against man or woman against woman. Each athlete is evaluated by a judging panel that scores the athlete's performance on a scale from 0 to 10. Besides the athlete's ability to get the most out of the wave, points are also given for his or her ability to use the paddle as part of his or her performance. Whoever gets the most points progresses to the next round.



The relay race takes place on a rectangular course. There are four athletes per nation on each team. Each team is made up of two women and two men. The competition begins at a start and exchange zone on the beach. From here, the first athlete runs to the shore, jumps on the board, and paddles out and around the two buoys. When the athlete lands on the beach, he or she runs to the exchange zone and taps the next athlete on his or her hand, after which the next athlete completes the course and so on.