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Q: How Do I Sign Up?
A: All registration must be done through the ISA. Find more information – here. For eligibility, team size, registration requirements, payment information, equipment specifications, and all other technical questions regarding registration and rules, please visit the ISA WSUPPC Website

Q: What is the breakdown of the schedule for the event?
A: For information on the breakdown of the schedule for the event, please visit the ISA WSUPPC Website (subject to change). 

Q: What airport should I fly into?
A: Copenhagen Airport.

Q: Are there a list of airlines that will allow my 12’6 board on the flight?
A: The Scandinavian Airlines - SAS, admits up to 4,3 meters (13 feet) in their models Airbus A319 and A320. You will have to contact SAS directly to find out, which flights will be using the above models. For more info, please go to: sas.dk
Most other airlines that fly into Copenhagen do not allow over 2 - 2,5 meters (6-8 feet) in bagage.

Q: Do you have recommended cargo companies that I can contact to transport my boards?
A: Yes. We recommend Trust Forwarding (see details below). With Trust Forwarding it is possible for you to book a cargo flight for your board. This means that you will deliver your board just a few days before or at the same time as your flight and receive it in Denmark i close connection to your own arrival. The price for using Trust Forward is approx €2/2,5 pr. kg. plus different fees at approx €300/350 depending on your departure country. 

For more info, please contact:

Trust Forwarding A/S
Kystvejen 40
2770 Kastrup
+45 32324488

Trust Forwarding will also be helpful with local transportation to and from your home. 

Please be aware that if you do not travel together with your board and do not use our recommendation above, your board might be hold back in customs where you will need to pay a security deposit of 25 % of the value of your board, which will be refunded when your board is registered to have left Denmark again. You can also choose to pay an ATA Carnet, which limits the paperwork and administration with the normal customs procedure in Denmark. Please contact your national tax office/administration to learn more about ATA Carnet. 

Q: Which address should I send my board to and from which date will it be possible to accept it in Denmark?
A: Copenhagen:
Hal C
Arsenalvej 6
1436 Copenhagen K

The place of delivery will be open from the 28th August 2017 between 8am - 9pm. Please advise Frida Bjørg at frida.copencoldhawaii@gmail.com when your delivery is expected otherwise we cannot guarantee correct delivery and acceptance in Copenhagen.

Vorupør / Cold Hawaii:
Vorupør Skole
Vesterhavsgade 13
7700 Thisted

The place of delivery will be open from the 2nd September 2017 between 8am - 9pm. Please advise Meghana Mikkelsen at meghana.copencoldhawaii@gmail.com when your delivery is expected otherwise we cannot guarantee correct delivery and acceptance in Cold Hawaii.

Q: Which address should I use when shipping my board back after the ISA World?
A: Vorupør/Cold Hawaii:
Vorupør Skole
Vesterhavsgade 13
7700 Thisted

It is possible to storage your board in Cold Hawaii until the 11th September whereafter you will need to provide your own storage or have it picked up by your shipping company. Please advise Meghana Mikkelsen at meghana.copencoldhawaii@gmail.com if you get your board collected at the address above.

Q: Are there rental boards available?
A: The ISA will not directly be providing rental boards but if you are interested, there are a few suggestions provided by our Local Organizing Committee of both Private and Corporate options. Find them here. Each athlete and team will have to contact the options directly as this will not be booked through the ISA or the LOC. 

Q: Can I watch the event online?
A: Yes – the 2017 ISA WSUPPC will be streamed live on ISAworlds.com. Be sure to tell all your friends and family back home. 


Q&A Copenhagen


Shortcuts Q&A's

General Cold Hawaii | Contact

Q: Where will the event take place in Denmark?

A: 1st–3rd September: Copenhagen and 4th–10th September: Vorupør, Thisted.

Q: Where in Copenhagen is the event site?
A: The surrounding areas of the Royal Danish Opera House. The address is Ekvipagemestervej 1, 1438 Copenhagen. You can even experience the event site in Google Streetview.

Q: Where can I store my equipment in Copenhagen?
A: The local organising committee will provide board storage in connection to ISA headquarters. Address: Hal C, Arsenalvej 6, 1436 Copenhagen K.

Q: How do I get from the board storage facility to the competition area?
A: See the route from the storage area to the competition area – here.  

Q: What are the opening hours of the board storage in Copenhagen?
A: 29th - 2nd Sept: 7am - 9pm; 3rd: 7am - 3pm (times are indicative)

Q: What will the long distance race-course look like in Copenhagen?
A: The long distance course will be approx 5 km, and the athletes will go around in a loop four times. See the course in Google Maps (changes may be made).

Q: Will the water in Copenhagen be calm?
A: Yes. The course in Copenhagen is in a harbour, and the water will be calm. Most daily traffic in the harbour will be either redirected or closed down during the event.

Q: What will the sprint course look like in Copenhagen?
A: Se the sprint course in Google Maps (changes may be made).

Q: Where do you recommend staying in Copenhagen?
A: Please see the Accommodation package for COPENCOLD HAWAII.

Q: Where do you recommend eating in Copenhagen on a budget?
A: The restaurant scene in Copenhagen is among the world's most distinct and innovative, and it caters to all budgets. Just next to the event site, you will find Copenhagen Street Food. The prices vary from approx. €5 - €14. Just across the water from the event site, you will find the popular area Nyhavn. Prices range from €14. If you are looking for a bit of a more luxurious place, we recommend Bistro Royal, Pluto or Cantina. All of the restaurants are run by Danes, which you will sense by the menu, and is inspired by the Nordic Kitchen. Prices range from €30. You will also find a variety of food trucks on the event site that offer different types of international street food. Prices from €5.

Q: How do I get around in Copenhagen?
A: The easiest way to get around Copenhagen is with public transportation (inner city, the metro is easiest). It is recommended to rent a bike since most people bike around in the inner city of Copenhagen.


Q&A Cold Hawaii

Shortcuts Q&A's

General Copenhagen | Contact

Q: What is Cold Hawaii?
A: First and foremost, Cold Hawaii is a place. As such, it refers to a particular stretch of coastline, namely the west coast of Thisted Municipality, from the tip of Agger Tongue in the south to Vigsø in the north. There are approximately 30 surf spots in Cold Hawaii, which make the area ideal primarily for windsurfing and kitesurfing waves, but the area is quite excellent for surfing also. No one seems to know where the name "Cold Hawaii" came from. Now and again, people claim to have invented the name, but the truth is that nobody has been able to document it. So the safest thing to say is that Cold Hawaii comes from the people – from us, the surfers.

Q: How do I get from Copenhagen to Cold Hawaii?
A: The local organising committee will provide free transportation with buses for all athletes. The bus will depart after the prize ceremony for long distance and sprint on Sunday the 3rd of September.

Q: How do I get my equipment from Copenhagen to Cold Hawaii?
A: The local organising committee will provide board transportation from Copenhagen to Vorupør.

Q: Where can I store my equipment in Vorupør?
A: The local organising committee will arrange a board storage area near the event site at the beach in Vorupør. You can also choose to bring your board with you to your accommodation.

Q: What are the opening hours of the board storage in Cold Hawaii?
A: Opening hours of the storage area are:
3rd Sept: 7pm - 10pm.
4th - 10th Sept: 7am - 9pm
11th Sept.: 7am - 1pm
(times are indicative)

Q: What are my options if I don't want to use the transportation provided by the local organising committee?
A: You can fly. If you choose to fly, you have to depart from Copenhagen Airport and arrive in Aalborg. There, you will need to rent a car to get to Vorupør. The flight is approx. 45 minuttes, and the drive from Aalborg Airport to Vorupør is approx. 1.5 hours. A good place to start is to Google flights: Copenhagen to Aalborg. Both Norwegian and SAS fly from Copenhagen to Aalborg.

You can also go by car. If you choose to rent a car, we recommend Sixt, which offers special prices for Copencold Hawaii. Please go to: http://business.sixt.com for more info and booking. It will be possible to collect your rented car from Sixt at a collect stop half way on the bus tour from Copenhagen to Cold Hawaii Sunday the 3rd September. It is also for you to rent the car from Copenhagen Airport. 

Q: How long does it take to travel from Copenhagen to Cold Hawaii?
A: By bus: 6 hours; by car: 5 hours; by plane: 45 minutes plus a 1.5-hour car drive.

Q: Where in Cold Hawaii will the event take place?
A: The event will take place in a small village called Vorupør. The village is located in Thisted Municipality in the north-western part of Denmark. You can even experience the event site in Google Streetview.

Q: How warm should I expect the weather to be in Denmark in September?
A: The weather in Denmark varies a lot. Find the average September weather here.

Q: What type of clothes should I bring for day wear?
A: Generally, you will need relatively warm clothes. It'll most likely be relatively cold and sometimes windy. On a rough day, it may also rain, so remember rainwear. On a good, sunny day, most people will be wearing long pants and a t-shirt or a sweatshirt or the like. Bring a pair of shorts in case the weather gets really good—occasionally, it happens. In other words, apart from snowstorms, prepare for anything. The same goes for the clothes you need for going to the beach.

Q: How much wind will there be?
A: That’s hard to say. You can find wind statistics for Copenhagen here and for Vorupør here (Hanstholm is close to Vorupør - so it’s more or less the same).

Q: What temperature is the water?
A: Find the average water temperature in Copenhagen here, and find the average water temperature in Vorupør here (note: Thyborøn is close to Vorupør, so water temperature is the same).

Q: How thick a wetsuit should I bring to surf in Cold Hawaii?
A: It is hard to say. Be aware of the water temperatures cf. above. 

Q: What types of waves will we be surfing for the SUP surf discipline?
A: The North Sea can produce excellent waves. The waves are not that powerful, so you want to bring a board for mushy waves that also will float you in windy conditions. The spot in Vorupør is mainly a left-hander. It's not uncommon that there is a (bit of) a chop, mostly due to the wind.

Q: How big can I expect the waves to be?
A: 1-2 meter, 3-6 feet wave faces. On a good day it can be bigger.

Q: Should I expect waves during the technical race in Vorupør?
A: Yes — possibly wind and chop also, which is challenging and lots of fun.

Q: Will it be windy?
A: There's a pretty good chance that it'll be windy. With a bit of luck, it won't be too windy.

Q: What will the technical race course look like in Vorupør?
A: The course will be adjusted according to the conditions. In general, it'll be a compact course close to the beach. You can find a realistic bid of what the course could look like — here.

Q: When are sunrise and sunset?
A: Sunrise is at approx. 6.15-6.30am. Sunset is at approx. 7.45-8pm (19:45/20.00). 

Q: Are there other waves in Cold Hawaii?
A: Sure. Two of the local surf shops have made spot guides. Visit the Cold Hawaii Surf Camp Spot Guide or visit the WestWind Klitmøller Spot Guide.

Q: Are there any local customs I should respect in the water?
A: Obviously, you should respect standard SUP/surf etiquette and rules on the water. In general, Cold Hawaii is a very friendly and nice place to SUP, so be friendly and ask some of the locals if you're in doubt. We have no localisms, and the vibe on the water is cozy. You're going to have a great time on the water in Denmark.

Q: Where do you recommend staying in Vorupør?
A: Please see the Accommodation package for COPENCOLD HAWAII.

Q: Where do you recommend eating in Vorupør?
A: There is a variety of places to eat, and seafood is on all the menus. Menus range from fast food (15€-30€) at Fiskecompagniet, Vesterhavs Cafeen, Klochs and Pandekagehjørnet, to gourmet (23€-40€) at Amalie, Niels og Sinnes Fiskerestaurant, Hotel Klitheden, and Stenbjert Kro. Prices do not include beverages.

Q: What is the best way to transport myself around Cold Hawaii?
A: By car. We recommend that you rent a car, while staying in Cold Hawaii.

Q: Will there be an afterparty in Cold Hawaii?
A: Yes, the afterparty will be held on the last day, Sunday, the 10th of September. More details will follow.

Q: How do I get back to Copenhagen after the event to catch my flight home?
A: The local organising committee recommend that you book your flight to depart from Aalborg Airport. You can drive to Aalborg from Vorupør and even deliver your rented car directly at the Airport. As an alternative, the local organising committee will offer arranged transportation for a fee. More info will follow. 


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